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About Moore

I grew up playing and writing music from about the age of ten. Playing music was how my closest friends and I spent much of our time together, which is probably the most significant reason for why we are all still playing. Without the development that those three hour long midnight jams sessions gave me, I'm not sure I would have pursued music and songwriting the way that I have.

  I became intrigued by recording music starting at the age of twelve. I sought out a couple of apprenticeships where my interest and passion for audio production only grew. I studied audio recording and production at The Evergreen State College (Olympia WA), which eventually lead to a job at Foundry Studios in Seattle Washington. There at Foundry I worked under Pierre Ferguson (studio owner) developing myself as a recording engineer and producer. After moving here to LA about five years ago, I set up my home studio and have been recording and producing my own music ever since. 

  Most of what I have been working on in the last few years I have kept to myself. I have been working hard to develop myself as a vocalist, musician, and music producer. I'm extremely excited to start revealing some of it, and will be releasing more singles in coming weeks and months. 

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